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Trades and ethics:

Below you will find the links to my trade lists. Even though collecting music is for fun - it is still a serious matter.

The whole idea is that the music should be shared with likeminded persons - and never should be sold!

I've tried to be sincere about it, but my standards may not be the same as yours. This is my subjective opinion and may change over time.

I donít usually trade artwork, but I have got some. Good places to look for artwork are:

         Neil Young: Neil Young CD covers       Various artists: BootArt

I usually send out the tapes or CD's WITHOUT the boxes or jewel-cases as they get easily damaged. Normally I send CD's using cardboard boxes or padded envelopes. You will find my adress below:

         Adress:    Jens Liltorp
             Langebjerg 64,
             2850 Naerum

Mail to: